MEEN is a Lebanese rock band founded by Fouad and Toni Yammine in 2006. We’re proud to say that the band is best known for its humorous and sarcastic style, and most notably for performing in native Lebanese, adding a twist and a bit of flare to traditional rock music.

Toni Yammine

Toni loves chocolate, vanilla ice cream and the Beatles. Since November 2015, he has been growing a majestic mustache, for which he creates his own homemade mustache wax. Besides music, he is also passionate about photography, magic, and film-making, and loves to spend his time shopping for expensive and useless gadgets online.

Fouad Yammine

Fouad is Meen’s lead vocalist. He joined the band at the beginning, after his mother told Toni: “walaw ya mama, fawwit khayak l zghir ma3ak 3al band”. Besides Meen, Fouad is also a popular actor and comedian, and has a passion for theater and cinema. He loves to spend his free time by watching good movies, playing board games, and playing the guitar.

Ralph Choueiri

Ralph Choueiri

After spending enough time playing on pillows at home, Ralph got his first drum-set at the age of 15. Aside from playing drums, Ralph is weirdly obsessed by anything that has wheels and an engine; he’s also a tech geek and loves sushi. In 2012, Ralph graduated from The Drummers Collective school in NYC and is endorsed by DW drums since 2012.

Joseph Hammam

Joe is Meen’s lead guitarist. He is a multi-instrumentalist who also plays the keyboards, the Buzuka, the harmonica, the drums. And he also has a good voice. He adores Lebanese sweets. Joe joined Meen in 2006, when the band was formed. And since then, he’s been a full time Meen member. In his free time, he is the father of 3 kids.

Makram Abulhusn

Often referred to as “The Dirty Harry of The Bass”, Makram spends most of his time collecting rare coins which have no value whatsoever. He was discovered by keyboardist Bernard Najm on a skydiving trip and since then, the two refuse to share a parachute. Makram spent 2 years in Europe and New York completing his Masters of Music in order to be allowed by MEEN to record their upcoming albums, following the band’s strict and harsh requirements.

Bernard Najm

Bernard is Meen’s keyboardist. You’ll recognize him in concerts from his sunglasses, which he keeps wearing because they give him X-ray vision. he started playing the piano since he was 3 years old, and is highly inspired by Louis Armstrong and Bob Marley. In his free time, you’ll probably find him in pubs in Beirut, playing music and drinking good booze.